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New board
  • Important! Our guild's board moved to the Silverleaf Server. The links on this site have been updated.
The Winter solistice is near
  • Important!. The new basement of Silverleafs tavern hosts the stables as well as the new crafting area. The guildchest with it guild ressources will be moved into the white box in the basement soon.
New Silverleaf Tavern
  • The Tavern's rough plot has been reworked into a much nicer design. It is currently being furnished by Aegnor, and he told me that the Tavern will be finished and reopened this year

Imagine you are wandering through the Yew area...

First you passed the dangers of the crossroads with its bandits... the Deep Forest is now a deep and dark place. Monsters lurk there.
To the east, the Serpentís Spine mountains cast their deep shadows on the forest, to the west are the peaks of disgrace.

The road is troublesome and in a bad condition. Continuing on the road you pass the sphere of influence of the ruins of Nokhmar. Not far from the road are undead legions waiting for easy living prey. Lichs casting vile necromantic spells in their sealed graves and giant spiders spinning poisonous webs to trap the unwary traveller.
Hurrying past these dangers, the Deep Forest becomes a more gentle forest. Many huts are hidden under and sometimes even in the crowns of the mighty Yew oaks in the town of Yew.
The Swamp that brought eternal stench and decay to the area for so many decades is no more. The return of the Elves of ancient Sosaria purged the land once again.

At night wandering will Ďo wisps lure travellers into the dark woods and many people never returned from there. But even those who did are not the same anymore. A spell of fairy origin, cast by fireflies and silvery rays of the two moons is hard to resist.

Some of the more lucky travellers were rescued by the clear bell of the Empath Abbey that can be heard for miles..
A view from the Dark Forest to the Serpents Spine Mountains
Empath Abbey lies to the far north of Yew. While the abbey is still a pleasant sight, despite the damages to the cloister of the battles that took place here so long ago. The nearby sea with its winds casts its own spell and drives away the spirits of the woods. (The vinery with its impressive collection of spirits is well known throughout Britannia.).

But the lands are still not coming to rest. Dark elves, vicious orc tribes and worse still plague the forest and hide within its green shadows.

The local militia is hunting down all those that look different. All magic is considered being daemonical and mages are painfully questioned just for having a spellbook with them. Elves are considered enemies and are hunted as well. The people are superstitious, fearing everything that is not common to them... spreading hate and threatening all that are passing by.

If you continue to follow a small trail alongside the coast to the north, the Deep Forest becomes even deeper and deeper. It hasnít changed much for the last several hundred years in this area. About an hour march north of the Abbey, several houses are hidden under the mighty trees. Conceiled behind fern and old, mossy trees... protected by ancient spells that lead those astray that mean harm and enchant those that need help lies a settlement called after the mighty trees that surround the settlement... Silverleaf.

It is a small, hidden settlement. A place for scholars and druids. A place for those seeking solitude, tranquility and peace. A hidden place. Birds and butterflies can be seen in the summer months flying around. There is always a gentle breeze coming from the sea, making the trees sway. The swaying trees, the cries of the seagulls and the noise of the waves are constantly hearable. From time to time, singing or the sound of a harp can be heared from somewhere in the woods.

At night, when the stars paint all Silverleaf silver, sometimes the druids meet to discuss the affairs of Britannia. Rangers can be seen silently moving around, hunting down the few evil monsters that dare to disturb the way of nature. And travelers are welcomed in the Silverleaf inn from time to time. You can listen to many tales of hardship and friendship there, as well as you may buy exotic goods from the travelling merchants.